Have you ever had the pleasure of wearing a pair of noise cancelling headphones? If you are like me whose anxiety rises with noise, then you might appreciate how such technology can calm nerves. In monitoring news today, I’ve heard pundits refer to all the “noise” that abounds. Humans being humans, we tend to gravitate toward emotionally-charged actions, language and ideas in a confirmatory manner, regardless of the facts. In searching for truth, I believe we must be willing to critically assess rhetoric and action—even though we may disagree. In spite of what others may say, we should examine what they do and consider whether these are aligned. As we seek to solve difficult challenges, i

Our passion to Make Success Possible…

We are passionate about Making Success Possible for each other, our clients, and our partners. This is largely a reflection of our people and why they joined our team. They are humble, hungry and smart. They are compassionate, and they care. They listen first and more than they speak! These talented folks get it; they want it; and, they can do it! Because of these qualities, they are our best sales force—they “get stuff done.” Our Dream Manager initiative helps our employees achieve their personal and professional aspirations. Our development and mentoring efforts seek to help our team reach their full potential, and this translates into a culture of continuous improvement personally a

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything…

Happy Fourth of July to our employees, our partners, our clients and those in the communities in which we live! Were it not for the commitment of our founding fathers to a set of principles and beliefs, I believe that the grand democratic experiment that we live would look much different today. Though not perfect, America has been the source of much generosity and leadership in the world for the past 242 years. I came across the concept of a “vivid vision” in my read of Double Double by Cameron Herald. Although I’ve never had the fortune of meeting Cameron, his construct of achieving high growth largely resides in a leader’s ability to engage and empower his or her employees, clients, par

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