I often wonder why we are where we are with regard to the obvious lack of civility in public discourse today. Seldom can people disagree without being disagreeable. Understanding is impossible without being receptive to consider other perspectives. As my children were growing up, I used to say, “Just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean you should share it.” Some might consider this an affront to free speech. I disagree with no intent to be disagreeable. Opinions that are well informed and based on research grounded in competing perspectives advances knowledge; everything else is noise—in my humble opinion. Research suggests that when we are listening to others, frequently we are alread

Where to measure your “cinnamon”? : Looking for customer interfaces within your business.

For any folks out there who have followed my previous posts, this is a follow-on discussion on where to measure and then analyze the appropriate “cinnamon” issues within your organization. For all newcomers, this is not a cooking/baking post. Rather we refer to small items within our organization, usually at customer interfaces, that have the potential to become large issues with significant negative implications. So….with that said, where do you measure customer interfaces in your organization? The key is first to identify where customer interfaces are within your business. Sound simple? It might be if you produce a product or sell something. Those customer interfaces might be obvious, at t

What is your “cinnamon”?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about paying attention to the “little things” in your business so that you can prevent them from becoming big problems. The focus of that was to create a quality culture within your organization that allows you to be proactive in your management style to prevent minor issues from becoming crippling issues. How do you know what “little things” you should focus on first. After all, they are little things. Not every little thing can snowball into a crippling issue. While you should strive for excellence in your organization’s delivery model (service or product), you cannot pay attention to all things all the time. So how do you find the “cinnamon” that

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