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Dash-2. This is the nomenclature for the second plane in a flight of two aircraft.

The first aircraft, or lead plane, leads the mission, navigates, and makes the radio calls. The 2nd aircraft backs up the lead.

So I ask: who is your wingman? Who makes sure you are going where you planned to go? Who makes sure you are on course and looks out for distractions (e.g. enemy fighters)?

At Crisis1 we understand the role of Dash-2. We bring a systems approach to your strategic planning, business process reeengineering, change management and communication efforts. We will lead you through a series of scenarios that are likely to impact your business and help you develop well thought out alternatives and plans. We’ll examine the four key components of successful approaches: People, Policies, Plans, and Platforms. Not only will this framework reduce risk, it will help your organization develop a culture with a bias to communicate.

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