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Crisis Leadership: Management & Communication

Our team believes effective communication management in today’s highly complex and volatile environment requires visionary and innovative leadership that recognizes strategic communication is a shared responsibility. To thrive in this environment, organizations must develop policies that create a bias to communicate — plans and exercises that help test and reinforce the communication policies and procedures that have been established and result in instinctive behavior by employees. They must also leverage technology that creates information channels that are fast, direct, and transparent because this helps build and maintain trust with those who matter most to an organization.

Program Management

 While we always tailor our engagement process to meet our clients’ needs, we integrate the Lean 6 Sigma methodology, which is designed to systematically remove waste through collaborative team efforts to improve performance, to increase quality, shorten cycle times, and create stakeholder value in your organization. We believe these principles are critical in minimizing risk and preparing an organization to address any challenge. We use this methodology to teach, empower, create, and launch programs for our clients to create independence and set them up for success. We strive to implement solutions that live on long after our engagements — this is an important measure of success for Crisis1. 

Enterprise Risk Management and Audit Solutions


Risk exists at all levels of any organization, and the Federal Government is embracing the concept of Enterprise Risk Management. Crisis1 stands ready to support all levels of your organization, including the Office of the Risk Management Officer, to address the full spectrum of risks within a specific business unit and across the entire organization. We will work with your organization to develop, or integrate existing tools, to manage the combined impact of those risks as a portfolio of risk. We also understand that risk cannot be managed in a silo and must be integrated with all lines of business, strategic framework, and performance budgeting processes to be effective. Our risk management consulting solutions involve creating effective risk management solutions.



Any audit program is inherently a risk management function. Crisis1 has the capability to provide a host of audit services to support financial/accounting functions and internal controls, operational and management processes, performance management execution, and program execution. Our audit solutions are based on the following:


  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) (per FASAB Handbook);

  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI); and

  • ANSI, IEEE, and other relevant standards.

Financial Management Services

An agency’s or private company’s financial practices are often the most scrutinized aspect of business operations. Using our experience, Crisis1 assists, develops and coordinates with all aspects of the planning and implementation of budget deliverables. Whether you need us to review and make recommendations on budget proposals or assist in developing financial forecasts, we can help. And, as with everything we do, we bring a long-term, strategic vision to the work that will help your organization succeed.


Tasks we support include:

  • Preparation of budgets and budget materials;

  • Reviewing and making recommendations on budget proposals;

  • Developing out-year forecast estimates for expenditures and revenues;

  • Reviewing and integrating performance management approach;

  • Developing and maintaining budget monitoring models;

  • Coordinating and production budget execution monitoring reports; and

  • Training on an organization’s policies and procedures.


Financial Data Integrity/Special Studies

We also assist our clients in conducting special studies, which require data compilation and information analysis in oral and written presentations. Such special projects may include a financial forecast, the impact of proposed legislation, or preparation of Congressional Justification (CJ) and OMB Justification documents. Our team prepares inputs, assists in developing issue papers for stakeholders and the general public, and Congressional briefing materials.

Performance Management (GPRA/GPRAMA)

A strong performance management system allows organizations to understand the relationships between planning, budgeting, and execution. A robust approach to performance management allows managers and leaders to make more informed, risk-based decisions and solutions to effectively manage the programs that deliver products and services to their stakeholders. Crisis1’s expertise and solutions are based on decades of collective experience from implementing and managing private sector performance management systems to implementing the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Modernization Act (GPRAMA) of 2010. We have deep subject matter expertise in OMB Circulars A-11, A-123, and A-136 and how they interrelate with respect to a sound performance management system. We can deliver and support performance management services focused on one portion of your performance management system or we can support a full suite of services needed to support GPRAMA.

Reengineering (BPR) Program

At Crisis1, we view business process re-engineering as a radical restructuring of an organizations business processes to achieve quantum leap improvements in business function and efficiency. Our solution architects take a holistic approach to BPR and design interim and future-state business concept of operations that address the core issues within an organization that is causing inefficiency and waste. The result is a corporate evolution that yields a significant return on investment. Let Crisis1 help you make success possible. Together we can evolve your organization to the next level ahead of the market, and ahead of your competition. 

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