Have you ever wondered why we seem to need more and more rules?  Like many my age, I don’t remember having so many rules as we do today.  Why do I care (and why should you)?  Decision-making is a critical component of leadership.  And, decisions made closest to the poi...

Have you ever had the pleasure of wearing a pair of noise cancelling headphones?  If you are like me whose anxiety rises with noise, then you might appreciate how such technology can calm nerves.  In monitoring news today, I’ve heard pundits refer to all the “noise” th...

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about paying attention to the “little things” in your business so that you can prevent them from becoming big problems. The focus of that was to create a quality culture within your organization that allows you to be proactive...

I am pleased to initiate the first of what will be regular updates about our activities and ideas on Crisis1’s newly launched web site. I founded Crisis1 on the idea that we listen to our customers, we make their problems ours, and we get things done!

Crisis leadership,...

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