We listen to our clients. We make their problems ours. We commit to finding solutions.

We live in a complex world. Funding streams are changing, regulations are expanding, and global events can throw the most stable organizations into chaos. A host of stakeholders have expectations about how you should efficiently deliver services to your clients, and these expectations drive many decisions that have wide ranging impacts on your organization. From our experience, we know that the way to make order out of chaos is through having a long-term, strategic vision with a clear plan and an eye toward the future. Whether it is your organization’s financial management system, your program, planning and executions functions, your performance management system, or your organizational communications needs, our risk management solutions are designed to serve you.

Our team is comprised of industry experts with decades of on-the-ground (sea, and air) operational and organizational experience as well as young, innovative professionals who can maneuver in complex new technologies and systems. This diversity helps us address the multi-mission environment in which you must develop policies and plans, train people, and develop platforms that enable measurable performance improvements, regardless of the challenge.

While Crisis1 was founded originally to provide Crisis Management, Leadership, and Communication services, our clients realized they needed a range of risk management solutions. As a result of clients’needs, our approach has matured to integrate beneficial and cost effective preparedness planning, risk reduction, and lean organizational structures to address multiple issues. Through our risk management consulting services, Crisis1 ensures senior executives minimize the adverse effects of federal and commercial challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities that emerge for their agencies, organizations, and companies.

Company values and philosophy

Founder John P. Pat Philbin, Ph.D. created Crisis1 on the core values of honor, respect, integrity, and accountability. These values, shaped largely by his and the senior executive team’s extensive military and commercial experience, guide everything in our business — from the employees we hire to how we communicate with our clients.

We believe these values, coupled with transparency and direct action, are the foundation to a response that gives your constituents confidence in your actions.

Every day, our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations through superior service and transformational technical capabilities and products that help them achieve their business goals.

In short, we get things done!

Our Process

While we always tailor our engagement process to meet our clients’ needs, we integrate the Lean 6 Sigma methodology, which is designed to systematically remove waste through collaborative team efforts to improve performance, to increase quality, shorten cycle times, and create stakeholder value in your organization. We believe these principles are critical in minimizing risk and preparing an organization to address any challenge. We use this methodology to teach, empower, create, and launch programs for our clients to create independence and set them up for success. We strive to implement solutions that live on long after our engagements — this is an important measure of success for Crisis1.