An agency’s or private company’s financial practices are often the most scrutinized aspect of business operations. Using our experience, Crisis1 assists, develops, and coordinates with all aspects of the planning and implementation of budget deliverables. Whether you need us to review and make recommendations on budget proposals or assist in developing financial forecasts, we can help. And, as with everything we do, we bring a long-term, strategic vision to the work that will help your organization succeed.

Tasks we support include:

  • Preparation of budgets and budget materials;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on budget proposals;
  • Developing out-year forecast estimates for expenditures and revenues;
  • Reviewing and integrating performance management approach;
  • Developing and maintaining budget monitoring models;
  • Coordinating and production budget execution monitoring reports; and
  • Training on an organization’s policies and procedures.

Financial Data Integrity/Special Studies

We also assist our clients in conducting special studies, which require data compilation and information analysis in oral and written presentations. Such special projects may include a financial forecast, the impact of proposed legislation, or preparation of Congressional Justification (CJ) and OMB Justification documents. Our team prepares inputs, assists in developing issue papers for stakeholders and the general public, and Congressional briefing materials.

Financial Application Support

No organization can maintain financial records without technology tools and databases. Maintaining these systems is critical. Crisis1 maintains the databases to facilitate access and produce the most current reports. In addition, we evaluate databases and recommend any necessary modifications that will facilitate improvements in data quality, analysis methods, and reports improvements.