Advancing Crisis Communications and Response Preparedness Strategy and Frameworks

Explore how create an effective Crisis Management & Communication response plan as strategic imperative aligned with business strategy and goals at this year’s ‘Advancing Crisis Communications and Response Preparedness Strategy and Frameworks’ training course. Ensure your program supports optimal and integrated communication, reputation management and risk mitigation, should a crisis occur. Training courses are limited to 12 people giving you the optimal opportunity to benchmark with your peers on the tools and techniques necessary to implement an effective plan equipping you Read more >

Effective CrisisCommunication Strategy & Media Management for Energy Sector John P. “Pat” Philbin & Neil Chapman

Exclusive Two Day Training Master Class: London, England
Maximum Intake: 16 Delegates   Please Monitor for New Training Dates – November 4-5, 2013
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The Key to Effective Crisis Communication is Preparation.

Once an emergency unfolds there is little time to think much less to plan. Without a rehearsed crisis capability, an organisation can be overwhelmed by events.

This master class will equip participants with best practice skills and techniques to prepare for a crisis in whatever form it takes Read more >